Spiritual Counselors

A Spiritual Counselor is a licensed professional trained in the use of affirmative prayer (Spiritual Mind Treatment). We find affirmative prayer to be a powerful source of healing, of bodily, mental and financial health, and of overall life improvement.

After our Sunday services, the professional Spiritual Counselors offer, free of charge, “one minute miracles” of prayer.

In their regular sessions, our licensed Spiritual Counselor offer affirmative prayer after a time of spiritual counseling to ascertain the client’s desires, blockages, and spiritual needs.

The power of prayer is beneficial in every circumstance, and works along with medicine, financial counseling, or other methodologies to create change in your life!

Ask any of our licensed Spiritual Counselor about a session. You’ll be glad you did! The following Spiritual Counselors are available for appointments. Fees for Licensed Spiritual Counselors are individually negotiable.

Becky Victor, RScP
(937) 291-1565
Gerri Blumgold, RScP
(937) 294-9152
Judy Nassmacher, RScP
(937) 436-3863
Lana Mayhew-Schommer, RScP
(937) 253-7081
Lenza K. Smith, RScP
(937) 671-1927
Marj Russell, RScP
(937) 848-2715
Marty Jacoby, RScP
(937) 293-0980
Rev. CC
Rev. CC Coltrain
(937) 298-1376 x203