Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved at the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Dayton.  There are both accredited and non-accredited classes available.  The Science of Mind 101 discussion group meets every Sunday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.  

One of our spiritual practices is service — the giving of our time and talent. Our community members are supported by amazing people in service at Center for Spiritual Living Greater Dayton.  The benefits of service to the one serving are enormous. First, he or she becomes a more integral part of a community that exists to support transformation. Service also provides the feeling of ownership in the community. Service is a gift that gives back to the giver, that which is given, many times multiplied! To get more information on these and other opportunities to serve, contact the office at 937-298-1376 Monday through Thursday 10 am to 6 pm.

Our service ministries include:

Compassionate Care & Stewardship:  Members of the Compassionate Care committee support our spiritual community with unconditional love.  We reach out in friendship using non-judgmental caring and listening. We are grateful to know that we are all one.  Our mission is to provide caring support to meet individuals’ needs during physical, emotional and spiritual challenges.   Stewardship is responsible for the finances of the Center. This includes developing and monitoring the center’s budget, financial recording and reporting, disbursement, investment planning, and auditing of records.  This core reports to and is accountable to the Leadership Council.

Yard Beautification Team: is a group of people who are committed to making the grounds beautiful. Team meets monthly from spring to late fall to mulch, weed, plant and prune to keep our Center grounds looking beautiful. You may also contribute to the team between monthly events!

Meditation Practice:   A Meditation Sangha that gathers every Wednesday to sit in quiet meditation. This practice includes a short dharma talk with various spiritual practices in order to still the mind, calm the body, and begin to understand the deeper consciousness. Everyone is welcome.  If you are new to meditation, please come at 6:30pm for some introductory tips.  The meditation starts promptly at 7pm — the doors are closed and late arrivers are asked not to enter and disturb those in practice.  Our Facebook page.  Namaste

Green Team: The Green Team is a group of environmentally conscious members working together to support sacredness of the Earth and the natural world and all its life forms.  We practice and demonstrate environmentally sound practices so that these practices become an intrinsic part of this Center’s culture, apparent to all our members and the surrounding community. Strategies we will use to achieve these goals include:

  1. Providing educational talks and workshops.
  2. Drafting brief green living articles/blurbs in the Bulletin and CSLGD website.
  3. Supporting ongoing recycling efforts at the Center including cans, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, ink/toner cartridges, cell phones, batteries, and CFLs.
  4. Exploring Green certification/sanctuary status for CSLGD.
  5. Promoting the “Vegan Challenge”.
  6. Supporting green & sustainable procurement and best practices to the maximum extent practicable.
  7. Supporting “Eco Voices” interviews of environmental leaders in the community.
  8. Monitoring our progress and celebrate our achievements.

All members of the Center are invited to join the Green Team and be co-creators of this valuable and rewarding ministry.  

Higher Mind Band:  The music ministry provides joy and inspiration, and reinforces the minister’s weekly message, through live music presentation. The music ministry is not a true “committee” and therefore does not have “committee meetings” per se.  We instead have closed rehearsals on a weekly basis with the Higher Mind Band (paid position professional musicians).  

Sunday Sacred Service Circle: The Sunday Sacred Service Circle includes the Ushers & Greeters and the Count & Close team.   We are the welcoming ambassadors for our spiritual community.  Prior to Sunday service, we welcome all who enter with joyful smiles & hugs, while providing loving support & information about our services & our center.  Our two teams come together in collecting the offering.  Our Count  & Close volunteers provide a consciousness of abundance and deep gratitude as we bless and count the gifts and donations, and later secure our center. We each serve approximately once or twice a month.  

Social Committee:  The social committee plans fun events for the congregation, including parties and picnics at the Center and offsite events such as hikes, canoe outings and other events where members can meet and socialize. The committee has periodic meetings to discuss upcoming events and keeps in touch by email.  

Consciousness Café:   The Consciousness Cafe is held in the Social Hall after service.  The purpose of the Cafe is provide an opportunity to mingle, get to know each other better, and learn more about our spiritual community while enjoying the food provided by the Consciousness Cafe Team.  Offerings may range from a complete meal to snacks, beverages, and birthday cake on Birthday Sunday. 

FIT – Facilities Improvement Team:  Cares for our physical home, doing small and mid size repairs, changing light bulbs, and keeping our systems running. If you have skills that would serve this team, or willing hands and a desire to learn, come check out our fabulous FIT folks!

Vision Core:  This is a great place to practice visioning, the process by which we open up to the highest vision for our lives, our Center, a project, or other topic.

 Youth and Teen ministry: If you would like to volunteer to assist with our youth on Sunday and provide them with the opportunity to unfold as perfectly wonderful spiritual beings having a human experience, this team is for you. We also have opportunity for babysitting children 3 and under.

To become involved in one of our service ministries, call the office at (937) 298-1376.

We offer both accredited and non-accredited classes to assist our community in spiritual growth. In addition to gaining understanding of spiritual principles, classes are a wonderful way of making long lasting friendships with like-minded people.

Blessings to you and yours!