Non-accredited Classes

These are classes created by our minister or Spiritual Counselors. They are a great source of knowledge in specific topics of interest. In addition to expanding your wisdom, classes also allow you to expand your circle of friends.

Sample non-accredited class

The Keys to the Kingdom

This class in advanced prosperity consciousness goes along with the Sunday talk series, but it picks up and runs with each topic. You will learn principles and practices to create the life you have always wanted — abundant in every area: supply, love, friendship, business opportunities!

The class carries a $45 materials fee to its original creator, Rev. David Owen Ritz. Also, participants must agree to (i) do their best to attend all class sessions and (ii) tithe (10% of gross) on all income for the duration of the class (7 weeks).

If you want to transform your life, join us for The Keys to the Kingdom!!!

The Bhagavad Gita

This class examines India’s ancient and beautiful scripture, the Bhagavad Gita. Over the course of the class, students enter into discussion about the meaning and applicability of this scripture to their individual lives. This was one of Ernest Holmes’ favorite ancient texts. Come and see why!

This is a 10 week course. Tuition $175.

I of the Storm

This is a powerful course in peacemaking and conflict management. Developed by Unity’s head of peacemaking, Rev. Gary Simmons, the course explores how WE decide what our experiences mean, and how WE decide when someone else’s remarks hurt our feelings. It also teaches ways to stop being hurt, to make peace, and to explore the great strengths each of us brings to our life’s purpose.

Rev. CC urges everyone who is or wants to become a member of Center for Spiritual Living to take this course. Accordingly, its tuition is very low.

This is an 8-week class. Tuition $50.

PLEASE NOTE these are only a few of the nonaccredited courses offered. Classes on nonviolent communication, mystical Christianity, the Kabbalah, and numerous other topics and traditions are also offered. Check with the church office to find out what courses are coming up!