Compassionate Care

Hi! Welcome to Compassionate Care. We are glad you are learning about our ministry.

Our vision is to share our passion for our community by supporting each member with unconditional love. We do this through providing service and comfort in times of crisis. We reach out in friendship using non-judgmental caring and listening. Through these actions, we express gratitude for our oneness with each other.

We fulfill our Vision by providing a caring, supportive environment to assist a person who facing any physical, emotional or spiritual challenge. Our services include: pastoral care, hospital and home visits, pet care, home maintenance, transportation assistance and much more. We provide connection for new visitors and members, prayer before surgery or chemotherapy, and prayer shawls to remind those who are having health challenges that they are loved. We also have licensed Spiritual Counselors available to provide ongoing prayer for you.

If you have need for our ministry’s services or would like to serve on our Compassionate Care team, please contact Judy Nassmacher at 937-436-3863.